True Phobia Season 2 Episode 1 - Trypophobia


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This episode may have disturbing descriptions of phobias, and the images may unsettle some.


Hey! Welcome to the (official) first episode of True Phobia Season 2! This episode will cover Trypophobia. Before i spoil too much about Trypophobia too soon, let’s get into the history of the phobia.


Trypophobia (trai·puh·fow·bee·uh) is the fear of small holes. The term Trypophobia is a name coined by a participant on an online forum in 2005, and since then the term has stuck around since then and has become a popular point of discussion online. Some symptoms of Trypophobia include shuddering, the feeling of skin crawling, panic attacks, sweating, Palpitation, and a nauseated feeling. You may also experience itching or goose bumps.
usually you may feel fear or disgust when seeing a cluster of small holes. Disgust is the more prominent reaction to such imagery.


The images shown here may unsettle some people. If you are prone to any of the bold Italic text in the History Section, avoid looking at the images.


In this section we review images of phobias, and have other users here review them (mostly my friends.)

Image #1


9/10 :sob:
OK I do not like this image :sob:
It is on revolving around a finger, so that is why it is disturbing to me. One thing is to have hornet nests and plants, but having this kind of thing on human flesh is a whole different ball game.

Image #2


5/10 :slightly_frowning_face:
This is what i said about plants. It isn’t that bad because plants like these exist, but the thing giving it that much of a score are the eye-like things in the holes. Also, nice little tidbit, this image can also relate to Scopophobia, the fear of being watched or looked at.

Image #3

This is just unfried pancake batter

Image 4


4/10 :grimacing:
It’s the warped proportions that get me.

Image #5


10/10 :scream:
Remember Image 1 when i said having clusters of holes on human flesh was a whole different ball game? Well, having it on a tongue is a whole different sporting industry :sob:
I highly recommend to not unblur this if you like your tongue :sob:

Image 6


10/10 :persevere:
Like image 2, this has a tie with Scopophobia, as there is a large eye on this… rock…?
Either way never show me anything like this if you ever see me in real life.

image #7


0/10 :sleepy:
This is just a rock surface. Rocks have holes on them everywhere.


Well, that was the first episode of Season 2! Feel free to give your thoughts on the images in the replies and vote on the next episode! The Amongophobia episode was not a legit episode, so don’t consider that the first episode. (Kind of obvious, but i am saying that anyways), so yeah! Stay tuned for the next episode of True Phobia!

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  • Megalophobia
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my reaction to image #3 was

bet it dont taste good

I know a Youtuber who has Trypophobia. Their channel name is Donibobes.

I’ve watched him
He does pranks on his friends in his minecraft server and hosts game show type things sometimes

Yeah; I haven’t watched his channel in a good while though.

it says i said that because you quoted me and put your response in the quote, so it read as my message :sob:

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only a day left and it’s another three-way tie :sob:



  • melissophobia
  • thalassophobia
  • sarmassophobia

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y’all got 17 minutes, and if it ties again I am choosing the phobia :sob:

That just gave me more phobias :face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears:

@Adidas_Doge you ever gonna do more of these? (sorry if i pinged the wrong person)

Decidedto take a hiatus from this for a while
I will probably make the episode next month

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omg bruh guess i am choosing :sob:

do melissophobia
(i have it and it would be interesting to see what you pull out)

It in fact took me more than a month to make the next episode

i wanna get interviewed for one of these

I’ll make a group chat for that