Unclear Body Idea (Unable to do all caps)

I think it should be changed to where you can type in all caps without having to have at last one lower case letter. It’s not necessary but it’ll be cool to have.
Thanks for your time @blife450


we need this so bad

@Red_hood @EliteSnowNinja @DashtheWarrior

Second the motion

im in

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i guess?

I mean it could be useful in some ways.

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hey @AstroWrld, could you suspend Faded, they’re being a major j e r k to me now…

Then I could lyric chant in all caps like I want to :slight_smile:

he’s not, he’s just doing his own thing and you’re just annoyed about it

no, look:

if this doesn’t prove to be aggressive behavior, i might as well go delete my account…

Yeah it could be useful.

you were complaining that I was creating topics

actually you were the the j e r k

says the one who’s harassing me as we speak, which would be you… so never talk to me again, faded…

Text becomes less readable that way

i mean least not for me idk about anyone else

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee neeeed itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

long time no see

who dis?