Undertale Roleplay (Part 2)

the badge stu pid)

oh, lol, no i forgot, let me go back in time and look, )

slaps forehead)

i cant remember what the stu pid topic was named SH T)

okay, the 2nd one was who is the sans that has a blue arrow on his right eye and a yellow arrow his left eye??)

um idk, also i found the topic! Undertale and deltarune clan, wanna go back to rp?)

sure one sec i need dat badge STAT!!)

Kae: s-stop! *freezes more and can no longer move legs * AH!
Reflection: heh heh, perfect, you’ll freeze to de ath and no one will ever know you are here. bye bye now! *disaperes *

Sona: tps to sans

Sona: whats wrong

Sans: WHY DO U KEEP DOING THAT!? Remember that kid?

Sona: um, kae, was it??

KAe: s-so c-c-cold, *freezes more *
Sans: Yeah, she got up and walked in a random direction and sannah thought she might be here

Sona: so, do we go in??

Sans: and its really cold if you go deep enough, so cold you’ll freeze to dea th,

Sona: oh, i see…

Sona: i think theres a sans that can stand cold weather

Sona: im just gonna contact them and see…

Sans: I guess… *starts walking in *
KAe: why does this always happen to me? this hurts…
Reflection: ugh, your stu pid friends of yours are coming, i’ll just have to put you further in! *teleports Kae to the end of the area where it is freezing cold *

Sona: i got it!! wait whered u go…