Undertale Roleplay (Part 6)

A: I remember the note I left my mom before I ran away that day…

Don’t cry!

it’s okay

HOI im back


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walks into a room and sleeps on the floor

tps to the bed for some reason-


how abou some of yall add y’assl art work to my art contest?
Art Contest #1 - #6 by Alex_Ocean_Dragon"

Spongbob screen-
two hours later

The doors to the Closet I slept in open and Duke falls out making a huge thud

A was awake in the antivoid, they didnt sleep at all


wakes up due to the big thud

What was that? It’s like midnight-
walks into a hallway and sees Duke on the floor

trys not to laugh

You okay down there?

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A came out of the antivoid, they looked tired

is hanging out in the garden

My nose is bleeding and my arm is bent backwards.
I think I am fine.

A: Im going to explore…
A went invisible

Oh that’s not good

is sleeping on the bench near the fountain

Duke gets up with a blo ody nose and broken arm and goes back into the closet like a bat

grabs some tissues

take this for your nose

Is already asleep

A walked outside and yawned