Undertale Roleplay (Part 6)

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@Duke_Of_The_BeansGX some ppl don’t share opinions all the time


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cause they’re afraid about hurting other’s feelings

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Yeah, But I just want a honest one so I thought yall would like it.
I know a duet too so if someone wanted to sing Determination with me I could.

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I always feel that way- not toward you guys tho.

Maybe I could but I’m tone deaf

I can do one if I am really quiet

(It’s a joke btw)

Tell me when you can.
Because I really want to know what my friends sound like.

Hmmmmmmmm idk when

wait-- i don’t get time limit till 9 but i don’t wanna get caught

Btw, I can’t use my Cam cuz it’s broke.
The whole reason I can talk is because I am using my brother’s Ps4 Mic

i can just try to sing along while you and dani duet

I can’t talk or use my cam bc My cam is like


aka my brother broke it

I wanted to do a small one before we do a full song.

Wait…Maybe I can talk let me see

tony tony tony tony tony tony tony tony tony