Undo and Redo Button

I had a idea that we could add a undo and redo button to this tool bar
I think this will be REALLY helpful when we make mistakes with our topics and comments


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@ochoko_uraraka if this works out we are going to have a easier life on CCC

this would be a nice idea

Do do what?

Add the undo and redo button to the tool bar

All of that can be done with a keyboard
With CTRL+Z and CTRL+Y Windows
Ctrl + Z and Shift + Ctrl + Z Chrome Os
Command+Z and Shift + Command + Z Mac OS

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Whoa I did not know that!

I’m very sorry Blife

To store and track so many posts per day is not a great idea
The community will need to store that data somewhere
And need to figure out how long is that data needed

I’m truly sorry again

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I will try better next time more helpful

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But thank you again Blife

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