villian + hero rp

doesn’t have to be oc it can be whatever
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hiii I would like to jooin


hero or villian?

hero, and is this kinda like mha??

ok im fine with that

:grin: :grin:

Name: Spencer Hansley (hero name: Goddess Spencer)
Likes: saving people, reading, relaxing
Dislikes: Villians
About: She is the Daughter of a god, SiMp, She is very energetic, Goddess of LIfe
Height: 5’6
Age: 19
S-Type: bi
Human form:
Screenshot 2022-09-17 10.25.13 PM

(this is one of my other ocs I use for rping so yeaa)

oh nice i love it!

oh thanks

oh im sorry I have to go

She never came back, People say shes still busy