W31rdc0r3 L4nd |RP

You wake up in a place you would only see in your nightmares. You cannot explain what is scaring you other than the constant eyeballs peering over you from the oversized mushrooms. On the nearby trees, carved words spell out things like ‘False Reality’.


(Yep, yep, yep, time for some Fallen Warriors characters and some others.)

('ight, time for the CountryCross trio to see things no amount of Therapy can heal)

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(Gosh, we’re very sadistic)

fw!Tubbo gets really nervous. The air gives off a very bad aura, and it makes him afraid. He reaches for Tommy’s hand, only to feel thin air. His panic increases.

(fun, time to traumatize conan even more than dream ever will)

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Conan grabs his hand

Tubbo screams, then looks to his right to see Conan

You alright?

Tubbo: N-n-no! The a-a-air is very bad here!

I kind of understand? I almost feel like Dream’s gonna come after me… shudders

Tubbo: It’s kind of like that… Wait, you know the Puppeteer too?!

A girl(The girl in my pfp) emerges from behind a tree.
“H3110 th3r3! We1c0m3 t0 W31rdc0r3 l4nd!”

Tubbo screams loudly. He can feel your aura, and knows you mean no harm, but he’s still afraid of you.

“D0 n0t b3 4fr41d!”

Tubbo: I… I… sorry… who are you?

haha funny funny i’ll be mango or herb cookie- )

“1’m C4ndy! 1 l1v3 h3r3 w1th my w0nd3rful f4m1ly!”

Tubbo: looks around at this land of nightmares You …live here?

Herb : am i DeaDDdDdddddDd?