weirdcore rp

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name: malessa
age: ???
likes: tea and teddy bears
dislikes: being out of her void
psonlity: sad and quite
type:tv head
[ you can join without permission ]

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Quite lol

Also not to be rude but that is a guy

These are my oc’s btw. I would love to rp!

Name: 4:20
Nicknames: Ace (friends), Clockgirl (strangers)
Age: ???
Gender: feminine
Species: object head
Sexuality: Pan
Pronouns: She/they
Personality: Bubbly, Easy exited, Affectionate, A little slow when it comes to social cues, Hyperactive,
Likes: Keeping track of the time even if it is a hard task, hugs, tickle fights, rainbows, hyper pop
Dislikes: monochromatic spaces, loud noise, verbal and physical fights, unpredictable physical contact, tight spaces, the dark
Height: 5’11
Abilities: can warp how people view time if they are looking at her clock, can replay events (cannot change them. Can only watch)
Other: The faster her clock ticks, the more anxious/excited she is.

Name: Cody
Nickname: Coco (Affectionately)
Age: 15
Gender: nonbinary
Species: human
Sexuality: Bi
Pronouns: They/them
Personality: A bit awkward, People pleaser, Easily forgiving, Quiet, Perfectionist, Workaholic
Likes: Coffee, Drawing, Singing alone, ukulele, stuffed animals, Ballet
Dislikes: Sleeping in, Not making themselves useful, Orange juice, Mushrooms
Height: 5’4
Other: Depression and Anxiety disorders, Insomniac, They love wearing their ballet clothes

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hi yall