welcome [] rp []

name- Kana
Age- 24
height- 5’4
s-ality- bi
likes- their sabor tooth cat head, some people, messing up ppls names purposely serrated katanas
dislikes- some people, annoying things
info- Kana is an interesting person, they are known for being Chaotic and is very overconfident at times, Kana has two serrated Katanas

me and you are both lazy I can tell :smiley: :smiley:

Yuh I’m lazy all the time :yawning_face:

yes yall are

alr lets start

did you guys see the monsters yet?

the cute monster yeah

what monsters?


go back to the top

Ewwwwwww gag gag

there all cute and laughable

this looks like one of my undrawn pets for one of my characters lol

Them monsters gon make me throw up they look like my sister

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im obsessed with this one and idk why-

can Kana tame it?!?


sigh- alr…

rose- [ sits down by a pond petting a eyes and a 47 ]