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info- you wake up in a field of roses but the night before you went to bed at your friends you think this is some joke played by your friends so you call out to them but no one responds so you walk around then you see a town with a castle covered in roses you walk up to the town but you see no one you don’t know what is going on until you see a woman looking at you from the castle you run to her calling out to her trying to get answers but then she disappears. you noted that there are monsters in the field of roses but for some reason, they do not attack the woman
and that there are shops that restock in the town every day

your goal is to try and find that woman [ me ] and get answers and leave the field of roses

good luck

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name- rose
age- seems to be 21 to you but you do not know for sure

based on scp 3008

there are giant lakes with these in them
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name- eyes
info- it will grab your legs when you step into the water and drag you down to eat you
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name- h!m
info- WHAT IS THAT- [ last words of mark ]
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name- behemoth
info- a monster that only comes out at night its best to hide from it rather to attack it
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name- flesh
info- ???
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name- h3r
info- it lays children known as 47

name- 47
info- really common to find and pretty easy to kill you can cook them for food


this took to long to make

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why escape :smirk:

you might die there-

yes I may die in a way :smirk:


lol ima use the same ocs from the other one

ddrctftvyggvgvhvyb I’m not reading all that

please do its important to this rp

I made my cousin read for me cause yes


make your ocs @Ur-Local-Dreamer @Ur-Local-Sleeper


I did look up 4 chats

wrong person

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