Whats scares you the most

Whats scares you the most.

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The Unknown
Death (Moreso Wolf from TLW)
Large Insects and Arachnids
The Ocean
Being alone in an Unknown place with no one I know.

Being forgotten or forgetting people

running into a door with a spoon in my mouth again /j


AGAIN :smiley:omg-

My mother

i didnt mean to run into the door. i was js being seven

ion wanna do it again though

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:sob::raised_hand: poor seven year old u
What happen??

i ran into a door with a spoon in my mouth ??

i have a scar on the roof of my mouth ??

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Oh- I thought u choked on it or something-

Chris brown nd magic mike (magic mike come hire me)

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thats a new one.

Underneath of my bed :woman_shrugging:t3:


what about minecraft bees

not them
but irl bees scare me

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minecraft bees >




WOMEN?? :sob: