Who wants to make me a bio

I will tell you info in a pm



I’m doing SAT practice :sob:


yaya, but I can make one tomorrow or sometime on Tuesday bestie :)

I think @MAX_THENONBEAN1 is sorryyy

:sweat_smile: I am

I’m confused :sob:

Ok lol

Abt what?

what are you guys talking abt :sob: I was just @ here :sob:

i’m confused was happening 0-0


That is what I mean :sob:

Im making here bio basically

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I made mine on my own. But it took me three straight hours + Procrastination :eyes:

I cant do that id get off track lol

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I had to put a warning label on mine tho cuz people tend to copy other peoples bio and make it their own. when all the hard work was done by someone else-. Like make your own jazzy bio. like fr lol