Zombie apocalypse roleplay?

/Here we tell the tale of a H#llhole called Los angeles- Yep, You heard it right, Some Scientists carrying some acid liquid dropped the can, The air Started to get mixed with the Acid smell, The Buildings started to melt a bit as people mutated, The Only survivors Are people who aren’t affected to the air or acid, There was One person who was ready for this, His Name Was Artemis, Or his alias. Meski, He’s pretty strong and quick, his Aim is Unmatchable but he can’t handle automatics, And He is one of the people that wants to reverse this back to its old beauty, What is gonna happen next?-\
N⁰1: No Overpowering!
N⁰2: Only 1 Extra Admin for this when i am gone!
N⁰3:No k1lling other ocs!
N⁰4: No controlling other ocs!
N⁰5: No you cannot skip time When other people are roleplaying!
(That’s all)
My Character!:

Alias: Meski
Age: 24
Sexuality: Demisexual and bisexual
Personality: a funny dude, Yet serious, Deadly with a sniper, Mostly calm and collected, He has some deep thoughts at times And He is Protective with either someone he likes or his team
Likes: Sn1pers, Some People, His team, Himself and Helping people out
Dislikes: Mutants, The Zombies, Missing his shots, Being judged, Some People and his team being hurt
(Yes you can have ships but you must ask first)


I did this on a phone- im in pain now-)

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I want to join

Mhm you can! ^^

i gonna make my oc…


Name: Mila
Age: 20
Sexuality: straight
info: Military soldier, her whole squad died. just surviving out there. is kinda mean , but can be nice once you get to know her. is taking care of a five year old girl she found (little girl’s parents become zombies).
the little girl-Anime Girl With Black Hair
Name: Catty
age: five
info: just cute




ima join

job-speicel forces
info-strong fast was the top in his class hes harsh to most soft to little kids
max with no armor

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oi can i join? i got a gender fluid oc that ive been wanting to use

Ye sure

name- Kana
Age- 24
height- 5’4
sexuality- bi
likes- their sabor tooth cat head, some people, messing up ppls names purposely serrated katanas
dislikes- some people, annoying things

idk i might add in Ace idk yet hes the only one of my oc’s that is immune to zombie bites and he can heal others lol

eh nahh i overuse ace

@H1LT0n_H1TM2n ngl tho it would be interesting to see Kana and Artemis as a ship

Probably, But My boi would take a while to adapt to herz he’s anti-social :>


when are we starting @H1LT0n_H1TM2n ?