a way to do smiley faces without them automatically turning into emojis

please. every time i try to make a smiley face or other emoji with just keyboard characters, it gets turned into an emoji and it’s very annoying. maybe there’s a way to fix this or turn it off if you want?




You can use an invisible text to stop the emoji from coming

but any other way ehhhhhh not sure

yeah but that’s really annoying

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i want something that lets you turn that off like google hangouts had

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Yea but its the only thing we can do other than wait for a reply

Why don’t you add “zero width non joiner” at end.
Or some glitches character that’s invisible and recognized by Unicode.
Though that’s a bit of a hassle for a simple smile…
Or add a period. Which looks weird but whatever

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Or just go anime.

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I use that alot

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:P heh

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I know how you did that.

It's the same as Discord's version.

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wait you can do that on discord

S U S !
Okay, so no underlines work.


Yes. I copied the longest combo and it’s the same except for the underlines.

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