Children of the Aquamarine Sea | A Mermaid/Siren Roleplay

Story: Unfortunately, this story is "Current"ly unavaliable. Please check back in at some “Otter” time. I’ll try to Fine “Tuna” the story later, for the “Halibut”. But the general “Porpoise”? It’s a Mer/Siren Roleplay, seeing how it’s Mermay. Don’t get (Red) “Snapper” with me; I just don’t have a “Loach” of an idea for a story. :p however, I’ll be happy to take suggestions below from you guys, for the “Halibut”.

My Character:

Name: Calypso

Allias: Callie, Caly, Cay

Age: 22

Sexuality: Straight

Gender: Female

Height: 5’10

Race: Siren

Likes: Singing her Siren Song, Fish, Gossiping and socializing with other female Sirens, Foggy weather

Dislikes: People who want to jam a Harpoon into her, or those who want to take pictures of her (“Sorry, no Photography, please!”), having her prey stolen by the weaker Sirens in the Community

Extra Information: Despite her really cute appearance, she’s actually really ferocious when it comes to her protecting her prey from weaker Sirens (In the Siren Community; The Stronger Sirens lead the Shoal, organize hunting trips, And get first pick on prey; Which would also include the Young and Elderly, but only with First pick; whereas the weaker Sirens usually scavenge carcasses and/or steal the prey of Stronger Sirens, at the possible cost of injury). Her Siren song is Unsettling, but Harmonic… Just right to hypnotize any sailors without adequate Ear protection into jumping from the boat and entering the water with her… But nothing good happens from this; well, at least for them; as… Let’s just say that; Being around a Siren is a very dangerous game. But you guys can Trust Calypso, right? …Right?

Rules for Beeg Funni
Also, you don’t HAVE to use a Mer/Siren if you don’t want to; you can also use a Human/Humanoid Character,

And don’t forget to have fun! :D



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Name: Matrim(Mat) James Cauthon
S type: Straight
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 23
Info: Mat is extremely lucky in everything he does. His luck is almost supernatural. He also is very, VERY good at throwing daggers and using his spear/sword. He is one of the best strategists. He also enjoys reading and writing. He doesn’t like people to make fun of him bc he doesn’t want to accidentally hurt them if he goes into a blind rage, or what he calls void of mind.
Personality: Extroverted and likes to make friends. Can also be humorous at times. Trouble also seems to follow him though
Likes: Daggers, trees, books, music, playing instruments, anything that involves luck, danger, adventures, and making new friends.
Dislikes: People who are mean and people that think they can beat him at dice.
Extras: He doesn’t know how many daggers he owns, or how many scars he has. If you think you’ve done something extremely dangerous, Mat’s been through it 100 times worse. He has stared through Death’s should and been to Hades and back. He also has a troubling past bc all of his family and loved ones were killed in front of him. His luck prevents him from dying(at least, so far)


The he- <3

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May i join?

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what this about?

the description made zero sense

Yo I love night wing! He’s one of my favorite DC heros

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Basically like a sea rp / land ig idk

cool ig?



Yay ty

That’s because I couldn’t think up of a decent story; and I decided to fill that part it with Ocean puns. It’s essentially a Merm and Siren roleplay.

ooh ok

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can i be like a squid ?

Normal form:
Siren form:
50% siren
Doesn’t eat just nibbles on things sometimes his tail
Sweet and caring doesn’t harm no one
Stays to himself half the time
He may look scary but is really friendly


Like; what essentially? Like a Splatoon character; or a Mersquid?

a small devloping squid

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