Why not some gif PFPs?

Of course, i think at least a certain level should be able to have it, OR it could go in approval for the gif PFPs so nobody could use any inappropriate ones

I think for leaders, they should not go into approval

What do all of you think of this??


That’s… actually not a bad idea.

these actually look pretty cool

id love this

I’m still trying to make custom background images on CCC instead of just Light and dark mode.

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Maybe when we hover our cursor over a post that someone made, it will play the animation in their PFP
Could be an option in the settings to turn on or off to let it play out without the need to hover your cursor

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Yeah, this needs to be a thing, I had this idea, like, forever ago, but I just kinda dropped it without making a post or anyhitng


Oh dear @blife450! These two ideas are exquisite! :tea:

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That’s pretty cool, I don’t see a problem why not?

There could be some fresh plug in code issues; like the size of the outline

yessssssss we need this!

There were an idea with gif pfp’s here already

Gif pfp’s were a thing on CCC, but they caused CCC to slow down a lot, so they were removed - intentionally


Too much motion can cause the website to break :upside_down_face:

Not break, but it will run slow for everyone

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Oh maybe you are right, as I remember they also caused too many connections to community rendering CCC for some users unaccesable
In other (your) words - break

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Yeah I was about to say :joy:

Ah, i see

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