Hashira roleplay!

Heya y’all! So, this is a Demon Slayer role play! But here’s some info: u can be your OCS! That’s right, you can or be one of the Hashira or be your OC! Yes, we will need at least enough people to become a Hashira, and enough people who will be their OCs, trained by the Hashira. To make things easier, up to 3 or 4 people are to one Hashira, as to not make things more difficult, and majority of the people choose one Hashira out of the other 9 (and no, Rengoku is not dead in this. I’m making it to where he is alive throughout). If people are left over, then those people who are not assigned to a role will either become a demon if they want, or will be assigned to a Hashira (being divided, meaning.) some of the Hashiras will have more people than the other, and that is fine. For now, we will start off with 3-4 people to a Hashira, that way I can tell who doesn’t have a role yet. I will be participating into this as well, which my OC uses flame breathing. But still, 3-4 people can do flame breathing as well, which will be trained by Rengoku. I hope this becomes successful! (Please respect the fact that I have a different time zone , and that if I can’t be on, then plz wait until u get the message that I am on. Or u notice the green dot that signifies that I am online


OCs, as in Hashira OCs, or just, random OCs?

Nono, so Either THE 9 Hashira (rengoku, gyiuu, etc.) or u can use ur OC!

It is ur choice

excuse me one moment-

(fuff, i really wanted to use one of my few Ninja OCs…)

Oofie srry bout dat dude…

Maybe we can work around that, like maybe make ur Oc ur wanting to use be a demon slayer, but is training to become a Hashira? That’s the objective here

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huh, maybe, but; there’s a catch to my OC:
he may or may not be Human, if that’s okay with you…

Ofc! That’s ok! What race is he/she?

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he; he’s an Elf, trained in the Way of the Ninja; (is not related to Stealth Elf, By the Way!)

hold on @H0MUR4_Flame, i’ll go make him.

btw, could you help me suggest a name for him?

Good, go do that! Just know that because this is a demon slayer role play, the only form of “magic” per day that they can use is their breathing form, unless ofc u want to make them a demon and then they can use that magic as their demon blood art

And a name! Ofc, just describe your OC

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shoot, i can’t draw him, i lost my skills. ;-; )

well, he’s friendly, shy, quiet (a lot!), and careful.)

Ah, ok! Hmmm lemme think-

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can’t wait to see what you come up with!

hey @H0MUR4_Flame, how’s the ideas of naming my OC coming along?

I’m not used to making Japanese style names, so…erm…I’ll try to think of an English one


Before u told me the description I was thinking maybe Erisec?

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