Hashira roleplay!

But idk if it sounds like a serious person type name tho…

i love it!

unfortunately, i can’t show you what he looks like, since, i can’t draw anymore.
maybe you could draw him?..

Sure! Give me a description of him! (Note it will possibly take the rest of today, and I’ll be finished. I’ll have it finished by tomorrow morning)

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Or u could just give me the description, I’ll use my wild imagination (I will still draw it for ya, don’t worry)

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okay @Ash13y_22, here goes:
he’s got an average height, thin, but strong, hair color is blue, bordering onto violet, eye color is orange, his Ninja robes are black, with two red belts, a slightly larger one, which fits around his waist, and a smaller one, which sits above the opening in his Ninja robes for where his Eyes are; skin color is, i guess it could be green, maybe caucasian? idk…; and yes, like all other Elves, he’s got those iconic pointed ears. there, you like that?

Ah, ok! And Caucasian is the race I am irl, only 25% tho. So ik what skin color ur talking about. I might not have enough time to do a whole bunch of the rp today, as I could be busy. I am active from like 5 something in the morning thru either 2 or maybe 3 o clock in the afternoon)

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okay, do please let me know when you finish, okay @Ash13y_22?)

And do u mind if I draw him in a demon slayer uniform? (So it has the aesthetic, I’ll draw the haori the way his ninja uniform is?

sure @Ash13y_22, i won’t mind.)

Oki AWESOME! I shall get started. What time r u going to be on tomorrow?


let’s see, i’m online when i get up (sometime around 5 AM) until 6:30 AM, where i have to catch the Bus to school, and then i’m back online from 7:40 to 10:10, when i have to go to English class, and then, if i’m lucky, i’m on until 2:37, where i have to catch the bus home, and i’m on for the rest of the day, okay @H0MUR4_Flame?

Got it! I have to catch bus as well so, yeah!

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Bai have a good one dude, I’ll work on it rn!

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hey @H0MUR4_Flame, i’ll be online still, i don’t get offline until 9:00 PM!

alright, i can’t wait to see him, okay @H0MUR4_Flame?

AHH OK IM BACK DO U WANNA START RP RN?(I’ll be drawing in between)

heck. yes.)

Ok! So what is ur Oc’s breathing form?)

my what? i’m sorry, i don’t watch anime a lot, i watched Pokemon, Kora, and Avatar: the Last Airbender, no others sadly…)

Ohh. It’s ok! So Breathing or Breath Style Techniques are swordsmanship techniques that are taught and practiced within the Demon Slayer Corps. It helps them develop their strength to fight an equal or possibly superior Demon. These are used along with Nichirin Blades, with a few exceptions.

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