Hashira roleplay!

And u should give demon slayer a try as well! Trust me it’s really good!/

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well, @H0MUR4_Flame, his preferences are Katanas, but as long as it isn’t a Broadsword, he can kiII stuff with it.

(we DO NOT talk about the Broadsword Incident)

So, the breathing forms or styles are:

Uhh and I forgot what else…

either Lightning, Nature, or Flame. more likely Lightning, okay @H0MUR4_Flame?

I s e e R e n g o k u

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YES RENGOKU are you considering being him?

And ok!

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Nope i rather watch. I just love him lol

how much of him is drawn out? (only wondering, @H0MUR4_Flame!)

The sketch @DashtheWarrior

And Man U got me all hopeful like “ooo he gonna do rengoku, and my oc would finally have someone who could train her!” XD

ah I go by they/them :))

OOF IM SO SRRY bows respectively, nervous sweat drop //

The dashed lines mean that it’s out of rp btw so//

smiles it’s fineee!

But it’s disrespectful doeeee like—//

I usually say “they/them” but I didn’t ;-;//

you didn’t know so it’s ok!

O-ok ;-;

But rn, I’m sketching it out on paper first, then doing it digitally

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