Hashira roleplay!

Ill wait until there’s enough people to start the role play, because as of now, there r no people who are any of the hashira. So I will be back tomorrow morning, at 5: something precisely in the morning, just to check in. @minchewy or @Asahi would one one y’all be willing to be in charge? What I mean is that to make sure no one starts the role playing yet, and to keep track of who is going to be a hashira or just their own oc? It would be appreciated. Before u log off, be sure to text me if there was anyone who came in, and what their roles are. If they are not sure, help them out! Even if no one else comes on, give me the update that no one came on yet.

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Or even @DashtheWarrior if u could…

hey, i’m back!

okay, i promise!

ah sure i’ll do it

hey @H0MUR4_Flame, i’m back, and ready to begin!)

Ok tysm! I appreciate it! I have to log off, so depending on the results of the amount of people that come on today, we will for sure start the role play off tomorrow. @minchewy dont forget to update me before u log off. Once u log off, then it’s for everyone else as well, and let them know that. Don’t let others start off the rp. Anyway bai, have a good one yall! I have to study for a quiz…



ah gtg soon

then i’ll watch this topic like a hawk. i promise.

i wanna join ;-;

then ask @H0MUR4_Flame, once she/he is online then…

good morning, @H0MUR4_Flame! no one joined while you were away.)

(Without Me by Eminem intensifies)

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welcome back! so, how did your evening go?)

It was well, I had a bunch of homework tho…was tiring…

oof, well, how was drawing Erisec?)

Also, btw, my name is Kaira. I want to get introductions out of the way, ya know?/

yeah, mine’s Jonathan.)