Hey, can someone draw me doing this pose?




bruh that’s hard–

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I know… but…
Never give up!
That’s what I always say to my students.

I’d do that but it would look really bad–

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i can’t even draw Zephyr with pencil and paper without him looking like my sleep paralysis demon…

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Just try your best.
It will look great.
No matter what it looks like.
trust me.

That’s ok!

how about you ask the pros on DeviantArt to do it?

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the only good looking character i drew was Dingodile…

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can i see

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I can’t access deviantart for some reason.

frowns maybe try at home?

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or dash could ask

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i dunno.



hey, that looks great!

and yes, i made him a Giant Skylander for the Fire Element. deal with it

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I dealt with it.

i could make your characters into Skylanders (not literally, drawing them as Skylanders though, i can do)

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but, i’ll have to have someone draw Zephyr in his Skylanders format…)