Shipwreck Reef

One of the Largest Coral reefs in Baobab Bay, a large reef, sprinkled with shipwrecks, which might contain possible loot…

(BTW, you’ll need a Water Type to access this place, so either Water Whirls, Mermaids, or even Gillmen like Gillgrunt, i guess)

@galaxywiings @AquaMarine

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Eyyyyyyyyyyy lesgo

so, we ready?

btw, Tsunami Titans won’t bother me here, since they prefer Open Ocean to Reefs)

how’s Merman Wave coming, @galaxywiings)

me frantically racking my brain for water-type characters and only being able to think of Lyte, who uses electricity

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shlt i forgot

ok, i’ll be using Wave then…

me also remembering I once made a picrew of Lyte as a merman
welp we have an answer


i can roleplay

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starts walking towards the water, which is the color of sapphires, due to the color of the water

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@AquaMarine, you here?)

ye i was making me

wdym, @AquaMarine?)

i was making aquamarine on picrew

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dives under the surface of the water, and has no difficulty going into the shallows, thanks to the set of gills on the bottom of my chin

what does she look like, @AquaMarine?)

i made the picrew and emailed it to myself except the attachment isn’t popping up
so ES is gonna have to make it for you

she looks like this Screenshot 2021-05-10 10.45.13 AM


i love it! she’s adorable!!

that is me on the beach

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btw, i can grab pieces of Fire Coral and not get stung by it, same for Urchins and lionfish)