Shipwreck Reef

(how about sharks)

ehh, i can simply punch them on the snoot, and they’ll leave)

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(so boop their snoot and they shall disappear? noice)


y e s)

oh, and @AquaMarine, you there?)

i am here

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so, i’m searching for anything that could help me out Armor wise, so i want something strong and durable, but light at the same time…

ready to rp, @galaxywiings and @temmiievillxge?)

(Yeah, I think so)

ok, so, how’s Merman Wave coming along, @temmiievillxge?)

b o o p l e s n o o t

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i finally get it
boop le snoot

(Stalking because YES.)

booplesnoot is a MEME

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(What the…Btw, can I join the rp? All the other rp chats I’m in died -_-)


BUT you’ll need a Water Type to access most areas here, @GlitchedEnd)

(Idk what that is but all I know is that I know how to craft a minecraft potion of water breathing.


Water Types are those that can enter areas of the map that are always or often swamped with H20, so Endermen are in a way restricted from entering these zones, @GlitchedEnd)

(Scared EnderA noises
I bought Ender that waterproof suit for a reason…she is still scared of the water but she’ll be fineeeeeee…I hope)

ok then!)

@galaxywiings @AquaMarine and @temmiievillxge, you all here?)