Shipwreck Reef


Scared EnderA noises

ok, so here’s my Merman form, @galaxywiings:


what do you think :pleading_face:?

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that actually looks cute

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should i use it then, @galaxywiings?)

YES!!! why not?!

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EnderA: Everyone looks so cool and I’m just stuck wearing a dang waterproof suit!

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ask @1-800-AVIATION to make a mermaid version of you

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EnderA: I cant touch water. I’ll die

i kinda like my legs @GalaxyWings, but whatever…)

owo lookin’ fine, chap

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EnderA: I have 1 fear right now, this suit leaking.

well you can get a tail, ask @1-800-AVIATION

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EnderA: I die from water! No one understands it!


(Well NINJA DOES. She’s got ice, but she can’t freakin’ swim…)

Flame and Magma do too, you know…

that looks goood

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Galaxy pulls out a bottle Drink this, it makes you waterproof.

thanks! wanna have yours? :pleading_face: