The CCCies 2021

-_- No one does the rules no more

NO SLEEP NO NICE KITTY beware of the no nice kitty today

Where almost ready for you two @Spider-man and @Demon_Kitty, I got to get another person real quick and I will be with you guys

ok o-o

I didn’t sleep so there will be no nice kitty unless u make me behave heheheheeheheheheh

Ok who wants to go next

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Theater kids are just choir kids who joined forces with the band and strings kids.

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Ok @Spider-man lets get it over with, just pm me and let me do the rest


Hmm hes afk @Demon_Kitty pm me


Ok @Daydreams

i voted for ariana grande on one of the things

@Arianagrandefan I hope you win

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Pm me Nuggy


Theres a kid in 8th grade at my school
Hes really freakin fat

he takes up half of an entire hallway

theres a kid next to me like that

Does he smell

yeah and he be sweating everyday after walking up the stairs


the part abt my fat dude

is that hes only fat from stomach down

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the dude who i was next to is fat everywhere