W31rdc0r3 L4nd |RP

Guest Would Look At Her Outfit
Guest : Woahhh-



(Also, Candy did break character and spoke completely normally just then)

( oop- Also my mom listening to cocomelon music )

“Th4nk y0u! 1 d3s1gn3d 1t mys3lf!”

Guest : Nice-

" L3t’s h34d t0 my f4m1ly h0us3!"

Mango : Alright.

Candy walked down the path with SpideBall following her. She expected everyone to follow her.

Zephyr: this cape is impossibly comfy, what’s it made of?

Crash, who’s been given a shirt, with a Wumpa Fruit on it: i would love to know what this is made of…

DK, in a Banana costume: please tell us.




Mango : Sk- Sk- SKIN-

“Y3s, sk1n!”

Mango : cOoKIe SKINnNNnN

“C0m3 0n.”
Candy had a more annoyed expression in her eye. And in her voice.

Tubbo follows Candy

Mango ; OK-

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