W31rdc0r3 L4nd |RP

(I’ve got the pencil sketch done, I’m gonna ink it!)

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never knew you use ink-

alex: sup shawty

(I use pencil, pen, and color pencil)

Zephyr, Crash, and DK: insert terrified screeching get it off, get it off, get it off!

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(Ow, finished the inking.)

why did you make me wear the skin of my own people, Candy?!?!

Crash: i don’t approve of my clothes made of the furs of other Bandicoots…

DK: i just wore gorilla furs, what is wrong with you…

(Hey, that’s not an okay question! I’m not answering that!)

How about you go on tinder? Well, i guess you couldn’t because your parent wouldn’t even allow you to

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no my friend need a gf5349a5367927f8ddca55dbbb23523f6a


your right i can

(@Vaporwave I finished!)

(Back-, I’m gonna go to Skyzone in a few though)

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(Uh, yeah-)

(May i join as well?)

( bruh my hands are getting warm-)