Welcome to Cryptid High! (Creepypasta/Cryptid High school Roleplay)

Disclaimer: While this is a High School Roleplay; This has a bit of Originality; due to its subject matter; so don’t shut this down; just because it’s got “High School Roleplay” in the name.

With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s get to what this’ll be about, Shall we?

Story: While searching for a High school to attend; You open your mailbox to find a Green envelope with a red wax Seal. After breaking the seal and opening the letter, you’re greeted with an invitation to a High school you’ve never heard of before, labeled as “Cryptid High”. Curious, you read further into the letter and make up your mind on going to Cryptid High somewhere in Oregon. However, you’re surprised that, once you arrive, that you’ve enrolled into a school of Creepypastas and Cryptids! Fortunately, these guys are friendly, so hopefully you should have a good time while enrolled.

My Character:

Name: Wiliam

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Height: 7’3

Species: Slenderman

Personality: Extroverted, Eager to make friends with anyone who asks, Honestly, he’s a great guy to have as a friend.

Likes: Practicing songs with his band, Chocolate, befriending people, Hanging out after school with his friends, Pizza rolls

Dislikes: People who break his trust, Ramen (The smell; to him at least, is off-puting for him), losing or breaking guitar picks

Phobias: None in particular, however, he just doesn’t like people taking pictures of him or his friends without their permission (As to keep the school hidden from the outside world, Human students must ask a Creepypasta/Cryptid Student for their consent of a photograph before taking a picture of them, for like School events; failure to do so will result in the immediate explusion of the Human student, and their memories of the school and its student body being wiped from their memory. Any videos or Photos of the school or it’s students will be erased on electronic devices, and paper evidence destroyed after the Student is off-campus).

Friends with in Cryptid High: He’s mainly friends with three other Classmates; A Bigfoot named Marv, a Wendigo named Ian and a Moth(wo)man named Eliza. He’s also formed a Band with his friends; where he’s the lead guitarist.

Extra Information: He’s one of the popular kids in the school, and is even in a band after school. He’s eager to make friends with pretty much anyone; and will happily give new students a free tour of Cryptid High. However, He’ll also be likely to inform the new students that, not only are they restricted from speaking about the school off campus (Yes, the school also has Dorm rooms, with William sharing a dorm with his band members), but also from taking photos and videos of the Students without their permission; lest they want to be expelled for disconduct.


  1. Your character doesn’t Have to be a Creepypasta/Cryptid. They can also be a human.

  2. Characters used here have to be OCs (So no, you cannot use Ruby Gillman from Ruby Gillman: Teenage Kraken or something along those lines)

Other rules are below:
Roleplay Rules and Guidelines

Remember, Have Fun! :D

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Ima make my oc

the cactus cat


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Cactus Cats are prob my favorite cryptid


They certainly sound interesting!

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Also gonna make a couple others because these are a lot of fun


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Anyone else interested in this? C’mon. People love this kind of stuff! (High School Roleplays-)

“I will join”

Name: Tarantula-Man
Likes: Killing his villians
Hates: When people get in the way
Back story: Peter parker go bit by an radioactive tarantula and a spider he injected something that should’ve Removed his power but It made him very blood thristy
Info: He even gets bullied here/ Hes even more smarter/ even if hes out of control he wanted to find and cure

This already died?

I would do this if i roleplayed

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Hakuna Matata my lads and Lasses!

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